Minister of Music & Youth

Highland Crest Baptist Church | Green Bay, WI

Posted Date 9/14/2020

Highland Crest is seeking to hire a full-time Pastor to oversee all aspects of the youth ministry and worship ministry under the direction of the Lead Pastor. The ideal candidate would meet the biblical qualifications of an elder, have a passion for youth and families, and possess the necessary musical abilities to lead worship.

Church Description: While Highland Crest (average attendance pre-covid was 225) is over 65 years old, Pastor Chad has led the church in exploring revitalization since being named Pastor in the Spring of 2019. This has resulted in examining the church’s past, assessing ministries, and setting a strategy to disciple. Highland Crest is a “singing church” that trends towards old and new hymns (i.e. Getty’s, Boswell, Papa, Tomlin). Leadership is committed to investing in a Christ-exalting student ministry. Recently, the church enthusiastically approved the construction of a youth room. In addition, leaders believe that the primary responsibility of discipling children/youth rest with Mom and Dad.

Responsibilities related to MUSIC:
• Work with the Lead Pastor in planning, coordinating, and executing worship services
• Lead all music portions of weekly services
• Plan and lead weekly worship practices
• Coordinating the use of instrumental and vocal groups and soloists in worship.
• Manage and maintain all technology for the worship ministry
• Recruit, develop, and lead musicians, vocalists, and the A/V team
• Oversee worship media creation and presentation
• Preparing and submitting the Music Ministry annual budget to Finance Committee.

Responsibilities related to YOUTH:
• Coordinating and promoting Bible study, discipleship training, outreach, missions, recreation, music, etc., for the youth program.
• Leading and working together with the youth leadership team in planning and directing activities, including youth camp, mission trips, retreats, weekday Bible study, conferences, etc.
• Enlisting and training leadership in the youth program.
• Advising in the use of program materials for grades 6-12.
• Developing a systematic program of outreach for the youth.
• Developing a program to meet the needs of youth parents and involve them in the youth ministry.
• Preparing and submitting the Youth Ministry annual budget to Finance Committee.
• Praying regularly for the youth leadership team and the youth.

• Must be able to express a call to ministry
• Must meet the qualifications of an elder according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9
• Must be in doctrinal agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message
• Must have completed or be in the process of completing a bible college/seminary degree
• Must be able to preach and teach God’s Word
• Must have necessary musical & vocal ability to lead worship
• Must pass a background check

How To Apply
If interested, please submit the following documents
• Resume including three personal references
• One-page introduction letter about yourself and your call to ministry

Salary40000.00 Annual
Highest Level of Education Required
Minimum Experience in Years

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