Thompsonville First Baptist | Thompsonville, IL

Posted Date 11/15/2021

First Baptist Church of Thompsonville, Illinois located in southern Illinois is actively seeking a full-time pastor who believes in the infallibly word of God. We are seeking God’s will in finding His chosen man to lead in worship, teaching, outreach and visitation. Our desire is to minister to our members, community and surrounding areas and would want our pastor to lead us in this endeavor. We want a Pastor that will seek the same mission to grow God’s church and disciple its members. He should possess a strong ability to preach, teach and managing skills. We recognize we are a small community but feel we are big in a desire to serve God righteously and to work to grow His kingdom. After prayerful consideration and you believe God’s will is to seek this position, please forward a resume to: If you are not impressed by God to do so, we wish you God’s speed in identifying the church He has for you to pastor. Thank you.

Sr/Lead Pastor
Highest Level of Education Required
High School
Minimum Experience in Years

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